an elephant actually, literally walks softer and more gracefully than you do. you are shaking my apartment FROM BELOW. wtf is wrong with you, you fucking cow. ⛈ no job no job no job no job no job no job no job no job no job no job no job ⛈ how petty it is to be cruel to another so small. ⛈ would my family be satisfied that i'm being cruel? ⛈ the entitled feeling that you have been surpassed by the less qualified ⛈ we have provided nothing on this earth except a funnel through which currency has been passed from savings accounts to rentiers. ⛈ "I'M SORRY" doesn't pay for shit. Neither does "I'M DEPRESSED" luxury diseases are for the financially stable. ⛈ what a pair of fucking failures and wastes of first class educations. what a goddam scandal of mutual self-destructive while laughing merrily. ⛈ why can i do anything but apply for a job i am going to be in a cardboard box because of fucking laziness ⛈ skullfuck my goddam face off ⛈ Let's all take a breath. ⛈ Let's all take a breath. ⛈ If you are going to cancel a meet up because you are "apparently double-booked" the very least you can do is include the word sorry in the message letting me know. If you're also going to add that you're busy for the next few weeks and then don't know your plans maybe you could just make it clear for both of us by saying you don't really want to meet at all. Tha

? For those times when you crave the catharsis of vaguebooking or whiney tweets but are not that kinda peep. Get yer Elsa on here.

Your petty bullshit will dissapear into the ether before too long, let the impermanence spare your dignity.

Love it? I love pints.