thighhs ⛈ you're so fat when orders come from hq telling you to move you can't even do it if you tried ⛈ People only tolerate you because you're somebody's wife! you incompetent selfish self-important fat fuck with a banshee voice ⛈ people only tolerate you because you're somebody ⛈ fuck work fuck work ⛈ I am not responsible for your happiness. ⛈ I am not responsible for your happiness. ⛈ i hate my kids ⛈ am i as much of a fake as trump? ⛈ never never never never never never never ⛈ IT CAN'T ALWAYS BE A COINCIDENCE ⛈ Help ⛈ Would youse not just make a fucking side slider phone in a normal size?! Just remake the fucking Sidekick, that's all I am asking for. ⛈ I would be much more productive and useful right now if i were not constantly preoccupied with STUPID AWFUL SHIT ⛈ FFS I left the coffee at the new house this is the last fucking straw ⛈ my jaw hurts from clenching but i can't think of anything to do about all this ⛈ Life isn't so bad ⛈ Trump has it right about illegal immigration. Wrong, really wrong, about almost everything else. ⛈ FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK ALL FUCKING ARSEGOLES AT THIS BLOODY PLACE WHO FUCKED WITH OUR WORK CALENDAR, YOU CNA ALL BURN IN HELL ⛈ goddamn tomorrow is monday ⛈ why can't we talk to each other? ⛈ I have anxiety overload ⛈ Good morning ⛈ more of a "sigh" reali

? For those times when you crave the catharsis of vaguebooking or whiney tweets but are not that kinda peep. Get yer Elsa on here.

Your petty bullshit will dissapear into the ether before too long, let the impermanence spare your dignity.

Love it? I love pints.