capitalism is killing my friends ⛈ Was it a boy-one or a girl one? I don't know daddy. Well was it light blue or was it pink? OMFG this is why I shouldn't have to go out in public. ⛈ Thanks for making me feel like a complete asshole. You are a dreadful boss! ⛈ AHHHHHHHHHHHHH ⛈ my partner made dinner and it was amazing and as unrelated as it gets, i am sad. ⛈ Black Lives Matter ⛈ Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down ⛈ bds protestors are ignorant hypocrites ⛈ it's bullshit that i have such dry skin all the time ⛈ Fuck trump!!! ⛈ free chelsea manning now. protect whistle blowers. protect trans women of all races. protect women. ⛈ liberals are worse than conservatives when it comes to progress, labour, and civil rights. ⛈ I find it sad to watch the screams disappear into the void, even if as i type this i know i'm just speeding up the inevitable death of these screams. i love you all. ⛈ I fucking hate my classmates I can't wait to fucking graduate ⛈ do something ⛈ Frigging hippies!! ⛈ kjnhjkl ⛈ my friends are going to die or be condemned to peonage by all you assholes who voted for trump and republicans in congress ⛈ Screw trump and his idiot supporters ⛈ Six more nights, so six more opportunities for trump to "pass away peacefully in his sleep" before he comes president. ⛈ Oh my god they're not even smart ⛈

? For those times when you crave the catharsis of vaguebooking or whiney tweets but are not that kinda peep. Get yer Elsa on here.

Your petty bullshit will dissapear into the ether before too long, let the impermanence spare your dignity.

Love it? I love pints.